"Brexit is not war," zegt Peter Luykx op de COSAC conferentie in Tallinn

Door Peter Luykx op 27 november 2017, over deze onderwerpen: Brexit, Subsidiariteit

Vandaag en morgen komen delegaties van alle nationale parlementen in de Europese Unie opnieuw samen voor de halfjaarlijkse COSAC conferentie, ditmaal in Tallinn. Een van de hoofdthema's vandaag is de toekomst van de Europese Unie. De heer Michel Barnier, Europees hoofdonderhandelaar voor de Brexit, kwam een toelichting geven over de huidige stand van zaken in de complexe Brexit onderhandelingen. 

Kamerlid Peter Luykx kwam tussen om het belang van een soepele en constructieve opstelling in de onderhandelingen te benadrukken: 

"The Brexit is a complicated dossier that European and British politicians have to lead in the right direction. We argue that Brexit mustn’t be a struggle for power. Both parties benefit from a good arrangement that guarantees future cooperation. Brexit is not war!

We like to stress the importance of national parliaments to be directly informed about Brexit negotiations. How could this be done other than via COSAC?

Art. 50 does not exclude a transition period between the conclusion of the Brexit negotiations and the entry into force of a new trade agreement. We argue for a sufficiently long transition period so that our companies can adapt to the new market. Do you share this opinion?

We argue to abandon the strict separation between phase I and II. Some issues simply cannot be treated separately. How, for example, can we find a workable solution for Northern Ireland without discussing the future trade agreement between the UK and the EU27? "


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